Raspberry Pi Course Summary & Training    

Course Summary

Basic Information of Raspberry Pi, 40 GPIO pins, Other Peripherals. Explain the basics of this system. Tell about writing a program for an embedded system. Show how to design, run and test these systems.


SD Card Flash, Initial Setup, Types of OS.

Introduction toPython Programming, Variables & Data types, Loops, Functions and Modules.


LED, Push Button, RTC, Relay, Camera, Touch Screen

Course Details

    Basic Knowledge of Linux.

    Basic Knowledge of Electronics Hardware.

    Basic Knowledge of Communication Protocol.

    Students from background BE/Bsc/Bcs/Mcs/Msc can apply.

    Lectures : 40.

    Max Students : 15.

    Certification : Yes.


Course Duration

    The minimum time to complete a module shall be two months.

    The maximum time to complete a module shall be two and a half months.

Our courses proactively engage students to put new knowledge into practice and to assess their own progress. Activities and assessments embedded throughout the content help to ensure that students understand concepts rather than only memorize facts.


     Fees - Rs.10,500

     Fees will be accepted by cash / cheque.

     Students can pay advance payments or full payments.

     Fees will be taken depending on project type : Mini / Large.

     Fees will be Non-refundable once project is signed.