PCB Designing Course Summary    

Course Summary

    Types of PCBs.

    Machines used for designing.

    The Designing Process.

    Beginning a New Schematic.

    Placing Items in the Schematic.

    Placing Symbols and Ports.

    Labeling components.

    Editing the Schematic.

    Creating New Components.

    Working with Sheets and Ports.

    Checking the Schematic for Errors.


    Beginning a New Layout.

    Placing Items in the Layout.

    Editing the Layout.

    Placing Power and Ground Planes.

    Changing the Boards Perimeter.

    Creating New Components.

    Linking the Schematic and PCB.

    Keyboard Shortcuts.


    Introduction to Proteus.

    Components Libraries.

    Components Properties.

    Interfacing for circuitry.

    Burning IC in Proteus.

    Introduction to printing process.

    Placing of circuit on copper clad.

    Etching process for final PCB.

Course Details

    Basic Hardware knowledge.

    Basic Electronics concepts.

    Students from background BE/Bsc/Bcs/Mcs/Msc can apply.

    Lectures : 40.

    Max Students : 15.

    Certification : Yes.


    The minimum time to complete a module shall be two months.

    The maximum time to complete a module shall be two and a half months.

Our courses proactively engage students to put new knowledge into practice and to assess their own progress. Activities and assessments embedded throughout the content help to ensure that students understand concepts rather than only memorize facts.


     Fees - Rs.11,000

     Fees will be accepted by cash / cheque.

     Students can pay advance payments or full payments.

     Fees will be taken depending on project type : Mini / Large.

     Fees will be Non-refundable once project is signed.