Java Course & Training Summary    

Course Summary

Core Java :

    Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming, Java Evolution, Java History.
    Java Features:Variables and Data Types, Operators and Expressions, Decision making, branching and looping.
    Classes, Objects and Methods, Arrays, String and Collections, Interfaces,Packages, Managing Errors and Exceptions

Advanced Java :

    Java Beans and Swing: Bean concepts - Events in bean box - Bean customization.
    Java Enterprise Applications: Java Servlets, Java Server Pages, JDBC - Session beans - Entity beans.
    Java I/O Handling, Java Database Connectivity.
    Basic concepts in OOPS.
    Create classes and objects and add methods to a class.
    Real World Comparison.
img     Introduction to packages.
    Knowing java.lang package.
    Knowing package (input/output programming).
    Understanding Streams.
    Basic concepts and needs of multi-threading.
    Life Cycle of a Thread.
    Handling Thread Priorities.
    Enforcing Thread Synchronization.
    Other thread functions.

Course Details

    If you already know C++ or any other Object-Oriented language, Java should be easy to pick up.

    If you are new to programming then Introduction to Programming is strongly recommended.

    Students from background BE/Bsc/Bcs/Mcs/Msc can apply.

    Lectures : 40.

    Max Students : 15.

    Certification : Yes.


    The minimum time to complete a module shall be two months.

    The maximum time to complete a module shall be two and a half months.

Our courses proactively engage students to put new knowledge into practice and to assess their own progress. Activities and assessments embedded throughout the content help to ensure that students understand concepts rather than only memorize facts.


     Fees - Rs.11,000

     Fees will be accepted by cash / cheque.

     Students can pay advance payments or full payments.

     Fees will be taken depending on project type : Mini / Large.

     Fees will be Non-refundable once project is signed.